Hello, friend! It's been a good long time since I have written a post on the more personal side, so I'm  here to share something fun and hopefully we can get to know each other better. :) We love small business owners, right? We love to get to know them. We love to know little details about their lives and story. I know I do. I love to know small business owners on a more personal level. I feel connected to them when they share bits and pieces about their everyday lives outside of their business. So.... today Im coming at you with 15 things you didn't know about me. :) 

1  | I have one brother and two half sisters. I've never met my half sisters and my brother is one of my best friends. 

2 | I grew up in the Midwest, but I have also lived in Florida, California, and now, New York.

3 | I was in show choir in high school and still rock jazz hands. I have always loved dancing, even if I don't look good doing it, haha! 

4 | I went to school for Public Relations, but did my independent study in photography and the rest is history. 

5 | I'm not competitive at all. I would rather everyone have a good time. 

6 | I hate scary movies and refuse to watch them, haha.  

7 | I'm not a very big fan of "stuff" and would probably consider myself a minimalist. 

8 | We lived in a 325sqft tiny house for a year and it taught us how to really live small. 

9 | My guilty pleasure is anything related to cake, haha! Donuts, cupcakes, you name it. 

10 | Being 30 has been my favorite year for self-acceptance 

11 | I wish I could wear shorts all year long.

12 | If I could I would wear work-out gear all day, everyday.

13 | I ran my first ever mile just this month. I've always been a sprinter and learning to breathe threw long runs as been tough, but Tyler coached me and I finally did it! 

14 | I'm a social introvert. I can work a crowd (if I'm prepared, ha) but after a few hours I'm completely spent (no more talking or interacting is allowed, haha!)

15 | I enjoy doing house work. One of my favorite things about working from home is getting to take care of our home. 

Now it's your turn! Sharing something I didn't know about you! xoxo! Samantha