Dear Younger Me,

I contemplated writing you a really long letter... this is actually round two. I thought about all the different things you went through, from your dad not being around, cutting your hair so short you looked like a boy (you could seriously pass on that one,) and the not so great boyfriends you had in high school. So while a part of me wishes I could spare you from a few moments or broken hearts, I know that every bit of the things you went through made you who you are. 

What I want to tell you is really something I tell myself now, something I wish someone would have been reminding me of from the beginning. Something I wish would have been told to me everyday growing up. Are you ready? ... Here is it.

You are smart. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Lots of people will tell you you're a pretty, do not ever take this compliment for granted, God made you exactly who you are meant to be. But here's the thing, your dad won't be around and whether you like it or not, his absence in your life will have an effect on how you view yourself. You'll get really good at building walls, keeping yourself safe, and playing it cool. 

Trust in who God created you to be. I promise you don't have to live a life of achievements to be wanted. Good grades in high school may have a baring on college, but it doesn't dictate your worth... relax. Find rest in Jesus as you allow your true and best self to be seen. It might feel scary, but you'll finally feel like yourself when you do. Love who God made you to be, every bit of yourself, and embrace your free spirit. 

I love every bit of you, younger me. xoxo. Samantha