Earlier this year I shared my goals for 2017 and reading was on my list. I was really excited about this goal as I've never been much of a reader, so I was looking forward to creating a new habit and reading more. I did really great at the beginning of this year. I had one book picked out for each month through the end of May. I read our January book, Total Money Makeover (Tyler and I read it together.) I started my February book, Fast Track Photographer ... and made it 3/4 of the way through, haha! I started my March book, The E-Myth, and finished it, YES! I had plans to read Business Boutique in April and then Love Your Life, Not Theirs in May. 

It actually took me longer then excepted to read The E-Myth and then when I was ready to read Business Boutique I kept putting it off. What kept getting me in trouble was that I kept trying to read business book after business book. I love business books. As a small business owner, reading these books are so good for business growth and personal growth. What I learned was that I was often ready to sit down and read in the evening, but I wasn't always interested in reading about business then, haha! Or my mind was just too whipped to process it. 

So, I'm getting back on track with a new plan, huzzah! I'm currently reading Love Your Life, Not Theirs and I'm really enjoying it. It's pretty similar to Total Money Makeover, just written in a different tone, but I'll take it. Business Boutique is like a business workbook, so I decided to stop trying to read this one in the evening and instead block time in my work day to read it. 

Now that I've rambled on, let's get down to the whole list... 

LOVE YOUR LIFE, NOT THEIRS : This is written my Rachel Cruz, Dave Ramsey's daughter. If your a fan of Dave Ramsey or money management in general, you'll probably like this book. It goes through 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want. It's going to take you through similar principals as Total Money Maker, but written in a different tone. 

BUSINESS BOUTIQUE : I highly recommend this book for any small business owner or for anyone one that what's to start a small business. I've only dived into the first chapter, but I love it so far. It's basically going to walk you through all the steps of starting and growing your business.

WHAT'S BEST NEXT : I've seen this book recommended by a few others business owners, so I added it to my list. So many things are required when running a business... so many tasks. I found the title of the book intriguing and I appreciated it's biblical foundation. 

CULTIVATE : Where are my Cultivate and Powersheets fans?! I've been following along with the Cultivate Team and Lara Casey for a pretty long time. I have Lara's other book, Make It Happen, so I figured I might as well add this one to my list too. ;) 

ESSENTIALISM : I listened to a Podcast with Greg McKeown and I immediately  added his book to my list. I'm a minimalist at heart and love simplicity. It's been one of my goals to run a business that is uncomplicated. The Essentialism tag line is, The Disciplined Pursuit for Less.  Yes, please.  

BUILDING A STORY BRAND : Did you guys know that Donald Miller, wrote a book about building your brand and clarifying your message?! The author of Blue Like Jazz, is helping business owners tell their brand stories better. I couldn't not put his book on my list. 

Guys, I'm hoping to get through Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Business Boutique by the end of November (trying to be realistic here, haha!) And I would love to read Essentialism next. I'll probably kick off the beginning of next year with the remaining books on my list. What's on your current reading this? What have been some of your favorite and most helpful business books? I would love to hear! xoxo. Samantha