I have styled stock photos coming out of my ears, haha! ;) But that's my job, so that's normal. With all the different images I create, I thought it might be fun to share some of my very favorite. As a photographer I always finish each session with a few favorite images and now I get to share them with you. :) 

The Travel Collection had some of my all time favorite photos in it. The two above take the cake. I loved all the details in each photo and I love the planning details of the second photo. Tyler and I spent this year planning for our trip to the Philippines and making sure we had everything we needed. It was so fun living out the story of all the photos. 

Do you love these photos too? Snag yours here and here. 

The two photos above were created as a part of one of my first Lifestyle Home Collections and that first home collection still remains one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the throw draped over the chair and I love how it draws you in with the pastries and fruit.  I love everything in the second photo, haha! From the fireplace wood peaking out in the corn of the photo, to the vintage crate, suite case, and lantern.

Do you love these photos too? Snag yours here and here.  

One thing I love about office inspired styled stock photos is minimalism. The photos above speak right to my minimalistic heart. They are both simple yet beautiful, a perfect combination. Do you love these photos too? Snag yours here and here.   

Have you picked out your favorite images from the shop?! I would love to hear what your favorites are! xoxo. Samantha