Prop shopping is one of my favorite things to do for my job, it's also one thing that can really turn into a large expense, so my goal with prop shopping is to really make it count in the details. A lot of time I'll use every day props over and over again; Macbook, iPhone, iPad, keyboard, mouse, coffee mugs, notebooks, headphones, earbuds, ect. All of these things are mostly neutral in color and easy to use as the foundation for styling. The fun part is creating interest and depth with details. 

Often times it's the details that really bring a photo together and the great thing about details is that those props can usually be picked up at a really budget friendly price. :)


It's no secret that two of my very favorite places to prop shop are Magnolia Market and Anastasia Maria. Magnolia Market is perfect for making larger prop purchases that you really want to invest in. Anastasia Maria is perfect for picking out your favorite small props to add details. Everything on this list is from Anastasia Maria except one thing, haha! 


1 | GREY WOVEN RIBBON: Recently I've been prop shopping for up coming holiday stock and ribbon was on my list. I loved finding this woven ribbon!  

2 | GIFT TAGS: Gift tags for the win! Perfect for dressing up any package and photos. 

4 | BAKERS TWINE: I love bakers twine especially if it's on a spool. 

3 | MINI GIFT TAGS: Love the variety of these mini gift tags! 

5 | WASHI TAPE: I'm pretty sure I list washi tape on every prop list I make, but it's always a good one to have. 

6 | BINDER CLIPS: The perfect item to add to any office styling. 

7 | TWINE: Twine is so perfect to have when styling photos, it's also perfect just to have at home, ha! 

8 | CHAMPAIGN SPARKLE RIBBON: More ribbon! Because you can't have too much ribbon when styling holiday photos. 

9 | PAPER CLIPS: Yes to all the paper clips, especially if they are gold, rose gold, or white. 

10 | COLORED PENCILS: I love picking up a few sets of these colored pencils. They are so perfect when adding variety and details to photos. 

Happy prop shopping friends! Where are some of your favorite places to prop shop? xoxo. Samantha