Building and growing a business is hard. It takes lots of hard work, a lot of different types of investments, long hours, and a lot of things that often fall out of our areas of expertise. My expertise is in photography. One of the hardest things for me is copyrighting, that's why I love Ashlyn Writes. And one thing I can do that's halfway okay, is whipping up a DIY Squarespace site.  One of the main reasons I love Squarespace is that it's easy to get started. You can pick out one of their custom templates, implement and little bit of CSS and you're on your way.

One of the trickiest things when customizing your Squarespace site is finding and figuring out CSS that works for what you want. When I first started with Squarespace I spent my fare share of hours googling CSS for what I needed and at times I would run into certain design wants that I struggled to find CSS for. Most of the time those wants required paragraphs and paragraphs of CSS. I was pretty good with locating a line or two of CSS, but other things I needed were way out of my league. 


That was until I found, Squared Studio. Squared Studio is my one stop shop for CSS plugins. One thing I love about Squared Studio is that you can either shop individual plugins or you can become a member. I'm a member and you can make become a member too and make all your CSS dreams come true! Don't let their tagline fool you. You don't have to be a Squarespace designer to take advantage of the membership. If you are a designer then you'll have resources coming out of your ears. If you're like me and you're just looking to spice up your website and add some custom CSS, then Squared Studio is perfect. They even provide step by step instructions for installing each plugin, so it's foolproof. 


One of the most recent plugins I installed was the Promo Box. It's perfect for promoting new items or items on sale, but I thought it would be perfect to promote our FREE styled stock images. It was super easy. I logged into my Squared Studio account and scrolled through the plugins until I found my favorite. Once you find one you love, you download or purchase. Once you've purchased, you can copy the needed CSS and follow the instructions for installation. 


Most of the plugins I have used have the same install instructions, in which the CSS goes into the "advanced" section of your page details, as well as the CSS section in the design section. Super easy peasy. 


Are you a Squarespace user wanting to spice up your web designer? Are you looking for a little help in the CSS department? If so, you can save 10% and use code "elahtreeoffer10"!! The Squared Studio customer service is on point too! xoxo. Samantha