Okay friends, today I wanted to share with you my favorite square prints! I recently ordered square prints from two different places and while each arrived and were perfectly fine. One arrived that I absolutely loved. I haven't always been the best at having my photos printed and I'm trying to get better. I forgot how much I loved having my photos printed (go figure, haha.) I pinned a bunch of photos next to my desk and I love looking up and reflecting on the memories. That's what photos are for, right? Memories. : 


Social Print Studio is my FAVORITE place to order square prints from, by far. I was SO impressed with their sprints. Now, let's keep in mind that this year was the first year I had ordered square prints from them. I couldn't tell you what the quality of prints was like when their studio first launched, but in regards to what they are currently producing, it's on point. I loved the quality of paper, which was sturdy and smooth, but not overly glossy. I also felt like the color was right on and the print its self turned out beautifully.  They also unabashedly say on their website, "P.S. We haven't changed our square prints since 2011. Except no substitute prints." I would have to totally agree. 

Another thing I absolutely love is their prices! At Social Prints you can get 24 4x4 square prints for $12 or you can get 24 5x5 square prints for $18. #winning, AmIRight? ;) 

So, without throwing anyone under the bus, the other square prints I ordered, weren't bad, I just didn't love them as much as my prints from Social Prints. These square prints had a textured matte-finish, which was nice, I just liked the Social Prints better.  I also didn't feel like the image was as crisp, still good, but I just kept going back to my Social Prints, haha! 

What about you? Which square prints are your favorite prints? xoxo. Samantha