I'm giving away one of my secrets today and It's one of the quick and easiest projects ever too. Recently I've really been wanting a concrete background. I asked Tyler about it and he said it probably wasn't the best idea to make a real concrete background because it would be to heavy and not really ideal for my to lug around all over our apartment. I agreed... I didn't want to try to lug around a large piece of concrete every other day, haha!

I decided to look for an alternative and I found something that is so great! Concrete contact paper. Concrete contact paper is so easy to apply and it's by far one of the easiest backgrounds I have ever made.


  • Concrete contact paper (I ordered mine from Amazon)

  • Foam core board

  • Ruler or book, something with a straight edge.


Applying contact paper is super easy. The most important thing to remember is the make sure your contact paper is straight when applying it to the foam core and to use the straight edge to ensure there a no bubbles or wrinkles.

PRO TIP: Don't try to measure and cut your contact paper ahead of time. Leave the contact paper on the roll. Apply the paper with the sticky side down, against the form core. Roll out the contact paper as you go. It makes is much easier to manage and you can use your straight edge against the roll. 

Easy peasy, right!? And on budget. ;) What are some of your favorite DIY photo backdrops? xoxo. Samantha