Between answering emails, planning photo sessions, communicating with clients, creating content, working on social media, planing email campaigns, creating systems, maintaining systems, tracking expenses... (can I think of anything else? haha) ... I also get to shop for lots of fun props!

Sometimes my prop shopping is sporadic and I'll randomly find something that I think would be great for styled stock photos. Other times I'll be working with a client and I looking for something very specific. One thing that is sometimes tricky about my prop shopping is that I'm a bit of a minimalist, so when I shop for props, I do my best to make sure they serve multiple purposes. I want the props I purchase to work in lots of different photo sessions and sometimes the props have to work as decor in our home, because that is how it will be stored between sessions, haha! :)   


One :: I really love this Glass bottle vase assortment because it meets all the requirements when shopping for props. Because there are a variety of vase sizes I am able to use each of the vases in a variety of sessions. It also fits perfectly in our home, so in between sessions it is displayed on our couch console. 

Two :: I just don't think you can have enough washi tape, haha! I recently purchased this Metallic washi tape and I'm so excited to include it in some upcoming photo sessions. Washi tape is great because it can be used in multiple sessions and always adds detail. #winning

Three :: When I found this Magnolia Leaf set at Magnolia Market, I was over the moon. Faux leaves like this are so perfect in styled stock photography. They add detail and interest in photos and they are so easy to store. 

Four :: Imprinted colored pencils are something I often buy for client sessions, like these Turquoise imprinted pencils. I love that I can add pops of a client's brand colors in a subtle way by included these types of colored pencils. 

Five :: I'm loving the simplicity of this Harris Basket, another item I picked up from Magnolia Market. Baskets like this are so versatile. You can put just about anything in them; washi tape, flowers, art supplies, sewing spools. 

Six :: These Real touch peach roses are the real deal, guys. I love always having them available for photos. Head over to Afloral, search "real touch" and go crazy! 

This is just a peek at what I'm loving this season. Hopefully I'll have more goodies to share with you soon! Where are some of your favorite places to buy props? xoxo. Samantha