You pick up your phone and you open instagram. You scroll through just for a bit and you start thinking, "okay, I need to post a photo... what photo am I going to post?! What am I going to say?!" Friends, I've been there far more times then I would like, haha! One of the greatest things about Instagram is the opportunity to connect with our community, our customers, and our clients. But there is more to instagram then showing up occasionally, because what we fail to see sometimes, is that instagram can act as a part of our online store front. Our website is our technical storefront, but Instagram is one of the main roads that people use to get to your store. We want our community to know our store is open and active so we want to make sure we are active on instagram. 

Think about it this way, people walk by your store on "instagram road" every day, but sometimes the lights are off (when you're not posting) and sometimes the lights are on (when you are posting.) They walk by kind of confused, "Are they in business? Have they opened? Can we go in?" Your community isn't sure how to interact with your store on "instagram road." 

So, how do we fix this? We start being consistent on instagram. We start showing up every day. Or at least Monday through Friday, as best as we can. People walk by and see that we're open and eventually they decided to stop by and check things out. 


Before I was a styled stock photographer I always seemed to find myself at an odd place with instagram and it was because I didn't always have photos to post and I didn't always know what to say either. I would create blog posts and share photos from that. Or I would have finished a portrait session and share photos from that. Or I would have been on a fun adventure and share photos from that. Now, all of these things are great things to share, but what about the in-between moments? I was lost in the in-between moments, because I didn't always have photos to share and I didn't always know what to say either. 

Styled stock photos are perfect for giving your instagram a refresh because they help create consistency and help bring new life to your feed. You can use them to help fill in holes as you build a consistent presents on instagram. Styled stock photography is perfect at creating consistency in two ways. One, consistency in your posting. Two, consistency in your branding. You can purchase photos that are ideal for your brand and your brand message. 



Now, let's say your business is new to instagram or your feed is looking a little rough. Your saving to buy that big fancy camera or maybe you already got one, but you're just not sure how to get started with it. You know how important is it to create a polished and professional first impression online, so you decide to give your instagram a refresh with a styled stock photo bundle. Stock photo bundles are perfect, because in an instant you can plan the look of your instagram and schedule it all in one day! 

Say what?! I can plan the look of my instagram and have it schedule in one day? Yes! And it could even be less then one day, friend. You'll receive a bundle of images that  you can crop in as many ways as you would like, add to an instagram scheduler, like Later, write out each caption ahead of time and when it's ready to post you get a little notification on your phone. Zipbamboom! #gilmoregirlsquotes 

Not sure about starting with a bundle? You can mix and match five of your favorites too! 


So, you've picked out your favorite styled stock photos. You scheduled them through Later, and you are ready for the month! Wahoo! High Fives! You go girl! (We truly do love cheering for you!) The final step in your instagram refresh is follow through and by follow through I simply mean showing up on instagram and loving on others. Now that you have upped your instagram game, hopefully you'll have an extra 5 or 10 minutes to hop on instagram each day and engage with others. Your instagram just got a refresh, so get out there and say hello to a few new faces each day (like their photos, leave a few comments.) 

Friends, did you like my "instagram road" analogy? haha! Styled stock photography can be one of the easiest and pretties things you can do for your brand! Which refresh would be best for your brand? Filling in the holes? Or working in a complete overhaul? Have questions? I would love to hear them! xoxo! Samantha