Rarely do you ever only need one stock photo, right? On average, most people are posting 1 to 3 times a day on instagram, scheduling 2 to 3 blog posts a week, not to mention promoting on Pinterest and Facebook too. That's a lot of work and a lot a of images, right?

If we're just talking instagram that's 30 to 90 images a month, whew! BUT, you don't have to come up with these images alone, you can ease a bit of that burden by picking out one of your favorite bundles from the Elah Tree Stock Collection, because when you buy bundles, you save! 

Individual images in the shop range between $10 and $12 a piece, but we have put together 7 different bundles (with more on the way) to help you save. When you buy bundles you're snagging your images at $2 an image or less! 


The Travel Collection is our most recent collection launched and it's currently one of my favorites. I've wrapped up this collection into a bundle of 45 photos! These photos are perfect for this Fall, especially if you are doing any traveling or if you're traveling over Christmas too! Whether you are a lifestyle blogger, a travel blogger, a small business owner, or a creative professional, I'm positive you can integrate these beautiful stock photos into your bradn.  


The Welcome Home Collection comes in second as one of my favorite collections. You have to check out the beautiful images that are in this bundle. You'll snag 17 fresh home inspired lifestyle images for only $34! That's only $2 an image! 


This is one bundle I have been working on getting in the shop. We may be approaching Fall, but this collection is full of Spring Blooms! These blooms came straight from New York City and they are some of my favorite photos of flowers ever. At only $2 an image you can snag this bundle for only $25 (this bundles on sale! )


Are you a fan of roses and gatherings? This bundle is perfect for you! This entire bundle is set around a table and is full of beautiful roses. This is our cheapest bundle in the shop too! Snag this one for only $10!


I created this bundle from the office collection I worked on this summer. Once I wrapped everything up I saw a pattern that I kept using books (and still do, haha.) I decided to put this bundle together for any other book lovers out there. You'll snag 7 images from only $14

Guys, I can not wait to share what we have in store for this Fall! Remember you can peruse our bundles here and they are the best way to save because all images included in bundles are only $2 each!

Are you looking for something extra specific? Let's work together on custom stock! xoxo! Samantha