3 tips for working on the go

A few weeks ago, Tyler and I spent a week in our home town and before we left I shared these three tips with the Elah Tree email subscribers. Do you want fresh content before anyone else? Do you want FREE stock photos and photography and business tips straight to your inbox? Join our mailing list! 

Working as a full time creative or working full time with a side hustle always seems to take a little extra finesse and balance when vacation or any type of travel gets worked into the mix. Don't you think? I think one of our major concerns is that things will fall through the cracks or we'll just go dark on social media. Do you want to a secret? If either of those things happened, if things fell through the cracks or we went dark on social media, everything would still be okay. Because each day is a new day full of grace and mercy. 

There have many years in the past where I planned every single blog post, had every thing written, scheduled every social media post and did everything under the sun I could think of.  Everything published, things on social media went smoothly, and for the most part I was able to check out. Sometimes we need those types of breaks and they are important to take. One thing I think we forget as creatives and small business owners is that there is a lot of ebb and flow in our work and in each season.  

Embracing the ebb and flow. 

Tyler and I will be in our home town for about a week. Tyler is actually teaching a course while we're there, so I decided that I would do a little work while I was there too. I have scheduled a variety of things, but I also decided to embrace the ebb and flow of this small business and allow my self some time to work. 

Three Tips to Make it Work for YOU
Do you want to work while you travel? That is the main question. For this particular trip I wanted to work and I knew I would have time. Tyler and I are traveling again in September and I won't be doing any work during that trip. It's all about the ebb and flow, friends. So, if you decide to work, embrace that decision. You've built your business to work around you life, decide how that looks for you while you travel. 

  1. Prep the timing consuming or difficult task. This is going to look different for everyone and they might not even be difficult, just easier done from your home office. For me this meant I prepped all of my graphics for blog posts, newsletters, and social media. I knew if I had time before leaving that I would get some posts written, but I knew because the graphics were ready and in place I could open my laptop anywhere and write the content.

  2. Put your shop on autopilot or vacation mode. Because all of my products are digital, my shop can run without me. There is one product in my shop, the "Mix & Match" option that I fulfill by hand. While I'm away I will simply remove that item from my shop. It would be just as easy for me to take all of my images with me, but I decided I did not want to fulfill orders like that while traveling.

  3. Give yourself grace. Working while you travel is tricky, takes balance, and lots of grace. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything done. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get that blog post written... you can write it when you get back. Make your plan, but be open to your plan changing.

I think one of the hardest things we do to ourselves is trying to make our journey or business look like someone else's. We think, "they are doing such amazing things! They must be doing it right." They are probably doing amazing things, but the secret is they are doing it right by them. They are doing the things that work perfectly for them and their business. Embrace the things that work perfectly for you and your customers. Some people might cringe at the idea of working while they travel, but I embrace it. I love that I have the freedom to get work done regardless of where I am. Embrace the things that work for you, friend. xoxo! Samantha