Friday Favorite: Meet My New Friends

There is a place out on some random road. It has the coolest old barn/stable on it. It's kind of crazy because it looks like neither, barn or stable, but that's what I'm calling it. And well I'm not sure what else I would call it, because on the land where this barn/stable is, there are two horses. I so kindly call them my new friends. I kind of want to give them names, any suggestions? A part of my slightly wants to give them Disney character names. What do you think? Good idea? I think both of them are male, so it would have to be boy names... Buzz and Woody?... No... and now I can't think of any names. How about Moose? (I just watched Step-Up 3, don't judge) okay no to that one too. How about we hold off on the names.

I love horses. I think they are beautiful. I think of them as strong gentle giants.