Friday Favorite: Christ In Youth

Last week remember how I said I was going to be gone. Well, now I get to share about where I was. It was one of those amazingly cool weeks; two days of travel, five days at conference, and one more day of travel. Five days at a Christ in Youth Conference with seven super great kids and two super great adults, all in Cleveland, TN. I’m not even sure where to start. There were so many great moments. The students were great; open, present, and seemed to create a genuine bond together. Mitzi and Korben the other two adult sponsors were amazing too. I had traveled with Mitzi and the youth group before to Christ In Youth Conferences and early this year Mitzi asked me if I would like to join them again, I was thrilled to be a part of this trip with them.

There were so many moments and things learned. One moment that sticks out the most is a documentary that they showed, “Love Costs Every thing.” The documentary shared the lives of those being persecuted for spreading the Gospel. I’m not quite sure there are words to describe how I felt. All I can say now is PRAY.

Now to share some of the super great moments; those top three photos in the image below make me smile. It was the last day of conference and Korben was teaching the small group lesson. The lesson included the students drawing what they thought John the Baptist looked like. When this section of the lesson came up I suggested that everyone draw the images on Korben’s legs. It came down to boys against girls on who drew the best image. Korben was super thrilled. (Did you catch my hint of sarcasm?)


Happy Friday! : )