Sitting Down with a Creative: A Freelance Artist

Today we are sitting down with Sunha. Sunha is the wife of Andres and she is a freelance Artist. A lot of her work is animation related and she is currently working for scientists who teach creation science.
Q: What is the organization called that you currently work for?
A: ACT Association of Creation Truths, it’s more for Korean people.

Q: What does a typical day for you look like?
A: I wake up and drink coffee. Andres and I eat breakfast together, he goes to work and then I read my Bible and Potato comes to his play house. I’ll do work until noon and I’ll take care of Potato. In the afternoon, I work and do house work. The morning is more work and the afternoon is mixed.
*(Potato is Sunha's sister's dog.)
Q: What is one of you favorite projects you’ve worked on so far?
A: I like the one I’m working on right now. I’m working on animation to teach creation science. I also like the painting that Andres and I did together.
Q: Why was it your favorite?
A: The one that I am working on right now is cool, because I get to do everything. I get to choose the style, which is really fun. Usually clients want a specific style, but this one is open, so I’m able to bring my own style to this project. My passion as been for creation science also, so it’s perfect.

I love the painting because my sister commissioned us to do it. She requested it right after we graduated because we needed work. The process was fun, because we got to hang out outside in the yard. And I really like how it turned out.
Q: Where did you attend school?
A: Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts) for animation and before I went to a university in Korea for Biology.

Q: What is your experience in traditional art?
A: I did a lot of painting since I was little, mostly for fun. I love painting. I used to do a lot of water color and oil painting. It wasn’t professional; it was just something I always did for fun.

Q: What is the most important part of creating for you?
A: I love the feeling of thick paint and the texture. I feel free and confident because you can mess up, but then do it over and keep going. You can make a mistake but its okay because you can go over it. It’s like a happy accident. I love the feeling of freedom when painting. Water color is different because you have to plan and be accurate. So I get a little more nervous. I always I like painting more than sketching, because with sketching you have to know more about what you are doing but with painting there is more freedom.
Q: Who or what has been the biggest influence in your artistry?
A: Influence from others around me doing art. In a lot of cases my sister. I kind of follow her steps in a way. I always love the transitionalist artist paintings. Whenever I go to museums I get excited to see it all. For what I do right now, I get influenced by graphic art; it’s not something that I learned from school, so there are lots of things for me to learn.

Q: What inspires you creatively, and how does that inspire you to decorate and design your home?
A: Sometimes I look at blogs; there are lots of home and decoration inspiration. Seeing what other people have done in their home inspires me to do it in my home. This is my house for the first time, before I was a student sharing my space, and this is our first house after getting married.
Q: When making things for your home how does the creative process start?
A: It’s very random, I don’t plan. It’s always, “I want this, but I don’t know how it will turn out.” So I always play around. For me the creative process is usually a happy accident. It's about starting something and seeing how it will turn out. I think that is why I can’t be a story board artist. Andres’ process is more structured. My process is more free.

Q: What is your favorite piece of art in your home?
A: I love Andres’ cousin Johnny’s paintings. Those are my favorite.

Q: What is your favorite piece that you created?
A: I love the water color painting I did of Potato.
 Thank you so much, Sunha, for sharing with us!

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