A Hometown Visit: My week in Review

Last Monday began my week in Joplin. Joplin is my hometown and I traveled back to celebrate one of my dearest friend's wedding.  I love my hometown, it's basically the opposite of living in Southern California. It's way way slower, there are far less people, there are lots and lots of open country space, and it has the best sound. The sound of nature.

Last Monday afternoon Husband drove me to LAX, I went through security and without knowing what the day would hold I found out that my flight had been delayed 4 hours. It was an, "okay, nothing I can do about it," day. By the end, my delay turned into 6 hours and I didn't arrive in Joplin until about 3:30am.  I did a lot of reading, a lot of sitting, and a little bit of walking.

My week was filled with so many lovely people and experiences. I got to hang out with my favorite four legged furry friend. She was actually mad at me when I left.

Big Brother and my Mom took me skeet shooting. It was my first time shooting a shot gun and I learned how to throw clay disks. Currently one of my new favorite pastimes. (full post to come later)

Spent time with these lovely ladies celebrating Caitlin's upcoming nuptials. We've all been friends for so long, they are some of my favorite people.

Did some pampering for the wedding. I rarely paint my nails so this was a big deal.

Got ready with this beautiful lady on her wedding day. Check out her wedding photos here. I'm so excited to pick my favorites and share them with you. Aaron, a really great friend, captured all the amazing memories.

(Caitlin Skyping with her cousin Kacey.)

My week ended at the Springfield airport.

I arrived back in LAX to my wonderful Husband. He was even holding a sign. : ) LAX is always a shock for me when I return because it is so different. It's good to be home, I missed Husband.

Are you able to visit your hometown often? I would love to hear about your favorite places.