In June some very good friends of ours had a baby. Their sister, Sarah, lives here in LA, and she commissioned Tyler to do some paintings. Tyler always begins his creative process by sketching. He sketched out each drawing after a conceptualizing process with Sarah. Often times when Tyler does art I'm always amazed. The four paintings above are the finished product.

Small fact; Tyler is color blind. While he can see color he mixes up different shades. It was my job to match the skin tone each time of the little boy for the paintings. When Sarah and Tyler chatted about the paintings, Sarah decided that she wanted each painting to represent a little boy and is pug on an adventure.

The adventures decided upon were themed around; fishing, biking, music, and Star Wars. The bike painting turned into an "Indian Jones," theme.

Custom painting is no easy task. It takes lots of skill and hours to create beautiful pieces of art. If you have artist friends give them some love; it takes a lot of hard work, passion, and skill to do what they do.

Now, on to the creative sewing gift. Sarah, also commissioned a baby bib. I had a ball making this bib. I hadn't made a baby bib before this time... we don't have babies. Our friends had a little boy and they really enjoy bike riding and the outdoors. Sarah had requested fabric that incorporated biking.

This is what I came up with. This photo doesn't actually represent the finished product. Husband put in button snaps for me after this photo was taken. That's a lot of creative inspiration, right? What are some of your favorite creative gifts to give?