Tyler and I have finished our repurposed wood table and it is absolutely beautiful! It was our first piece of furniture that we built together. The process was long. Apartment living makes it difficult to build things since we don't have a garage. So we did some work in our living room, at a friends house, and on our porch.

Tyler had picked up our pallet wood from across the street from his work. And the 4x4's he picked up from the parking garage of his work. The only items we had to purchase for this DIY were; wood stain, polyurethane, wood screws, doll rods, and brackets. We did end up having to purchase one 4x4, because one of the ones we picked up was damaged. Since Husband and I are on a budget we decided we would sell our current table and use that cash to pay for the supplies we needed.

Tyler and I determined how tall and wide we wanted our table and then he cut the pallet wood to our specifications. He secured the pieces together with 2x4's on the backside. Tyler sanded the table, the legs and the skirt boards before attaching everything together. Tyler then attached the skirt board and the legs with joiners and wood glue.

Holes were drilled into the table top, the legs, and the skirt boards and the joiners and wood glue attached everything together.

The final step for the table was to attach metal brackets to the inside, adding support to the legs and the table top.

We decided we would add some color so Husband brushed on some white and blue acrylic paint.

Tyler re-sanded the table top to better blend the paint. Final steps were to stain and polyurethane.  Tyler finished putting on the polyurethane on the front porch.

We loving building furniture and we're so excited to share more DIYs with you in the future. xoxo. Samantha