This weekend Tyler and I went to Cambria with family. If you've been an avid reader of Elah Tree for a while you know about our Fresno family. Our Fresno family invited us to join them in Cambria this weekend, and we couldn't be more grateful, it was absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty sure I kept saying, "this is magical." I have a new found appreciation for California thanks to Cambria.

It takes about 4 hours to get to Cambria from Burbank, that includes stopping for gas and dinner. We had about 30 minutes left on our drive when we come over a hill and saw the ocean. We had been anticipating a view like this and it was pretty amazing when we finally saw it.

This is the view from the balcony of the house. I had never been to a beach like the ones in Cambria. Most beaches Husband and I have ventured to, including ones in Florida, were all very touristy, and highly commercialized. Cambria is different; it's small, quiet, and slow. My favorite things.

Our fist morning in Cambria we got to do some bird watching and some whale watching. Husband spotted something way out in the ocean and after some anticipated viewing we all saw a whale. It was cool!

We spent time resting and playing.

On Saturday, we all went to San Semion and visited Hearst Memorial State Beach.

It was absolutely lovely. We saw "ottey."

We went hiking.

We took in the beauty of God's creation.

Down the road from Hearst Memorial State Beach is Elephant Seal viewing! I don't think I have ever seen as much marine life in any other place as I did while visiting Cambria.

Sunday morning, Husband got up early and walked down to the beach from the house. He was greeted by more beautiful marine life!

We did some more relaxing Sunday afternoon and went on one more walk.

The last walk we took was right against the shore. Husband and I climbed down some rocks to get closer and do some exploring. Everything was beautiful and breath taking. I kept thinking I was in a different part of the world. It was that amazing.

Cambria is now one of my favorite places in California. If you're ever near there you should absolutely stop and take in the sites. It is beautiful! xoxo. Samantha