Every year Nickelodeon has a family fun day. It's basically a family event, with food, games, live entertainment, and lots and lots of water guns. This year was super fun because our friends Sarah and Erin joined us. I'm usually most excited about the food. I'm that way with most events, "will there be food?" Yes, okay, I'll go. And at these event there is always really really good food!

Every one receives water guns as they enter and there are "fill" stations set up everywhere. If you go to this event, you know you'll be shot with water guns... constantly, none-stop, and from every direction. I think it's a ploy to try to keep people cooled off, because the event is always outside.

Last year's live entertainment was hula dancers. This year they had this super crazy fire eater! Husband got this great shot, I was occupied with my pile of food.

We ended the afternoon playing Giant Jenga and we were joined by Dennis and Serena. Have you every played Giant Jenga? I think it's currently sweeping the states. 

One thing that we didn't document was the 45 minutes that Erin and I stood in line, waiting to have our hair done up all crazy like. There were these crazy wacky hair stations, where they would basically do whatever you wanted done to your hair, including making it huge and spiked up. I really wanted a huge beehive on my head. Unfortunately, we gave up because the wait was too long.  How was your weekend?