Today, I wanted to reflect on how thankful I am for family. Before Husband and I become family, it was always my mom, my brother and I. I like to stay we are freakishly linked. And what better way to share about family and how thankful I am for them then some good old mid-west skeet shooting. When I was in Joplin for my good friend, Caitlin's wedding, my brother and my mom took me skeet shooting. It was my first time shooting skeet and it had probably been over 15 years since I had held a gun.

My mom and my brother try to go to the shooting range about once a week. One Sunday, my brother asked my  mom if she wanted to go and that started their weekly skeet shooting.

I love my brother so stinkin' much! Husband always tells me I am his biggest fan. I like to think I am. I am that sister who is always willing to jump up and cheer. He's my BIG brother, so it just makes sense that I would be his biggest fan.

My mom taught me how to throw the clay pigeons and during this first session of shooting I was more interested in throwing then shooting. My mom is really great too. She has been a great encourager in my life and is always full of wisdom.

I don't know anything about guns or skeet shooting. So I can't really talk about what kind of gun my brother has or anything like that. So we'll go with; it was super crazy fun, my brother is a great teacher, and he's a good shooter too.

The two shots above were really fun to get. It was fun being able to capture the pigeon in the air and then capture it breaking.

And then there was me... My first time loading a gun, my first time holding a gun of that size, and my first time experiencing the kick back. After the first shot I was pretty intimated to shoot again. I honestly thought I was going to fall backwards. Once, I got past the initial, "this is crazy, and I am going to fall on my butt," it become one of my favorite things!

I am so thankful for family! Skeet shooting is now one of my favorite past times. When Husband and I went to the Shiver's Family Reunion, I couldn't wait to go shooting. And yes, I got plenty of laughs because the kick back always makes it look like I'm going to fall down, but I promise I don't. xoxo. Samantha