I'm such a nerd, I'm so easily fascinated with pretty things and well, sometimes my brain pings around with a bunch of different stuff. Look... pretty... PING.... what's that on my schedule... PING... what does that do... PING... do you want to hear a story. Things are just pinging around all over the place up there. This DIY is great for all the pinging brains because this little beauty has so many multiple uses.

Leather meets can to produce the cutest paint brush holder. Or you could put pens and pencils in it, or you could put flowers in it. O'Man! Just let your brain ping around with what could go in there.

Super easy steps. You need a can, any size will do, leather stripes, and a glue gun.

1.) Decide how you want your can to look. 2.) Cut the leather pieces. 3.) Hot glue to the can. 4.) ALL DONE!

This little beauty will make another appearance... sometime...o'goodness.