Dodgers! Dodgers! Dodgers! & Gwyneth Paltrow?!

Last week Husband and I went to a Dodgers game. Whoo Hoo! I love baseball games! I root for no particular team, I just love going to baseball games. I mean come on, it's the All-American pass time. Sitting around for 3 hours eating hot dogs and nachos. Watching the game, not watching the game. It's one of my favorite experiences.

This was our first Dodgers game. We went with Husband's work. It was one of those work outing things. We went on Wednesday, so there was a 9/11 tribute which was really beautiful. Don't tell anyone, but I almost cried. If you read last week's post, you learned that that's not very hard for me to do.

A work thingy means getting to hang out with everyone on Husband's team, i.e. the Nickelodeon crew. We had such a blast! So many great people having loads of fun!

And look at that hot dog! The Super Dodger Dog, man, I love baseball games!

Are you wondering about the Gwyneth Paltrow part? You're almost there. But apparently that face I'm making is how I act when I see her. Just kidding, that just how random I am sometimes.

Well, there she is. She was sitting right next the the dug out. Husband spotted her on the big screen when they were getting a shot of the next batter. I'm not going to lie, we were rather fascinated, well, I was rather fascinated by seeing her. I think it's rather interesting to see them act like normal people, because well they are normal people. And then we notice David Arquette was there too.

Happy Monday!