A couple weeks ago... or maybe even a month ago Husband and I picked up this beauty from a garage sale. I had been wanting a vintage machine. They are the work-horses of machines. I learned how to sew on a vintage machine and I have a vintage machine at my mom's which is in a sewing cabinet. 

I was absolutely thrilled when we found this machine. It was a great price, far cheaper then anything else I had seen and it came with the original manual and a box of goodies. Not to mention, it didn't need any work! I have tinkered with a couple of other machines and older machines usually need tension work.

If you ever have the opportunity to snag a vintage machine, I highly recommend it. And don't be afraid to get in there and tinker around with the guts. Before we had even taken this one home I stood in the garage of the previous owner and did everything I could to open it up and tinker around with it to make sure it was in good condition.

The inside of machines are my favorite. There is something beautiful about them. Is that how guys feel when they open up the hood of a car? If so, I totally understand now. I love opening up the "hoods" of old machines.

This machine weighs a ton, but has the best smell. It has this old industrial smell. And it has the best hum.

I love that I have been able to add this machine to my small collection. I do have a slight concern that I might turn into one of those ladies with crazy sewing machine every where... hmmm. I think I'll be alright, my minimalistic tendency will probably keep that from happening.

This last photo was my favorite. I couldn't tell you why, there is just something about.

When I was taking and editing these photos I remembered something that Husband told me last weekend. While we were getting ready to go to the beach Husband grabbed his sketch book and I piped up and said, I'm taking my sketch book too. He replied with, "your camera is your sketch book." Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I don't always give myself credit for the art I create with photos. But these photos reminded me of that. It reminded me of the passion it stirs inside of me. Have you found any garage sale treasures lately?  What creative hobbies stir up a passion inside of you?