Last week I shared about my mini indoor garden and how I wanted to plant in nearly everything but a regular planter. In my efforts to come up with creative planters Husband and I came up with this planter.

I have to tell you I never thought I would be making a planter out of an old peanut butter jar, but that is what that is. I was washing it for recycling and thought it might make a half way decent planter. Two reasons, it was plastic and we could drill holes in the button. It was pretty simple. We gathered twigs from outside, I grabbed my glue gun and went to town. This is a project you definitely want to do while watching a movie or something, because it takes a while to glue those twigs on. After all the twigs were glued on Husband clipped the bottoms off with fancy hedge clippers or something and then I polyurethaned the wood.

This has by far been the coolest planter I have ever made and probably the only one that actually works.  I would love to hear your ideas for creative planters. Share them with us!