I broke one of those cardinal holiday rules, right?... decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. How, dare I. Friday was November 1st, which marked the beginning of Birthday week, or Birthday  month. Yes, sometimes I make it go all month long. Last year was my first year in L.A. and Tyler asked me what I wanted to do for my Birthday. I was still working through the transition of moving and doing anything in the city sounded overwhelming. All I wanted to do was eat Chinese food and watch movies. I desperately wanted it to feel like home, so I asked if we could decorate for Christmas. I knew that would remind me of home and make our apartment warm and cozy. It was our first Christmas as a married couple and I loved the idea of starting a fun new tradition of decorating on my Birthday. So this weekend we continued the tradition and decorated for Christmas. Our first year of marriage we spent Thanksgiving in Fresno and two weeks in Joplin for Christmas and we are doing the same this year. So I like to say that we decorate three weeks early to make up for the time we are gone.

Today's outtakes! 

Birthday week started off with a bang! Decorating for Christmas, shopping, gifts from my mom and brother, and eating at Chick-fil-a! Eating at Chick-fil-a is a big deal because the only time we do is when we are in Valencia on a Saturday which isn't very often. There's a Chick-fil-a in Hollywood, but I think it's scary. What are some of your Birthday traditions?