Is is totally weird that I'm coining this style after a dog? I'm sure you may have seen Zoe on the blog before, I think her first depute was here. Well, Zoe is my mom's dog, but I like to say that she is mine. I'm crazy about animals and dogs. I'm that person who will literally roll all over the floor with dogs.  I considered taking Zoe with me when I moved to California, but Zoe is an old lady and I didn't want to put her through that kind of stress and our apartment here doesn't allow dogs either. And just to add to my excuses, I love having big dogs and you can't really have big dogs without a yard. I just don't think it's fair. Even though Zoe is a medium size dog I still feel like she deserves a yard. So I wait patiently for the day that Tyler and I can have a huge dog that I can roll all over the floor with.

Anyways, so because I couldn't take Zoe with me, before I left I asked my dear friend Caitlin to take some photos of me and Zoe. Obviously I'm a dog person... can't leave her without getting pictures first.

Are you a crazy animal person who has photos taken with your pets? I hope so! Share them with us!