Top 10 of 2013

The end of 2013 is here. Can you believe it? This year has swept by and so much has happened. Today I wanted to share my top 10 favorite moments of 2013. They are in no particular order... wait, except I did try to put them in chronological order.

10.) Celebrating Tyler's Birthday and seeing all the Office Locations (February)

Converting Tyler into a month long birthday celebrator! We spent  half the day checking out a handful of sites that that Office filmed at; Jim and Pam's house, the restaurant where Micheal's last Dundies were, the church where Phyllis got married. 

9.) Meeting Ellie Kemper "Erin" at the Ladies Of Animation Art Gallery (February)

My first "actress/celebrity" sighting, my first time in downtown LA, and my first animation gallery all wrapped into one. Ellie decided to check out the art gallery while she waited for her restaurant reservation next door. 

8.) Going to Dancing with the Stars (April)

Tyler took me to my first show... Dancing with the Stars! Which was fitting because before we got married anytime I talked about living in LA I would always ask Tyler if that meant I would get to go to Dancing with the Stars. 

 7. ) Opening My Etsy Shop (April)

Opening my Etsy shop was a huge leap of faith, courage and an amazing step towards this wonderful creative journey! I am so excited to see how it grows! 

6.) Celebrating our First Anniversary (May)

When we decided we were going to South Dakota for Calen's wedding we were over the moon excited because that was the same weekend as our first year wedding anniversary. Before the wedding we hadn't thought much about our anniversary, being on a tight budget, but God blessed us with something amazing! 

5.) Seeing Calen and Lori Get Married (May)

Calen is one of Tyler's closest friends and he stood next to Tyler at our wedding. We were so honored to get to travel to South Dakota and be a part of this amazing couple's beautiful day

4.) Seeing Caitlin Get Married (July)

Caitlin and I have been friends for years and years, I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything. Caitlin is the youngest of my group of girl-friends and it was one of those super special moments to be there for her wedding


3.) Shivers Family Reunion (July)

We did tons and tons of traveling this year... we were blown away by how God provided for all of our travels. It was an amazing and fun experience at the Shivers Family Reunion.

2.) Cambria (August)

Visiting Cambria was like being in another part of the world. It was beautiful, quaint, quite, and charming. We loved that our Fresno family invited us to spend the weekend there. It was amazing. 

2.) My first Dodgers Game (September)

I love baseball games! It's the great American past time. And I loved attending my very first Dodgers game. It was extra cool when we saw Gwyneth Paltrow.

1.) A Fresno Thanksgiving (November)

Anytime spent with our Fresno family is amazing. We always have tons of fun, time to relax, time to catch up, and amazing experiences.

That does it. What have been your top 10 favorite moments of 2013?