A Fresno Thanksgiving

This year marked our second Thanksgiving together as husband and wife! And it marked our second year in Fresno for Thanksgiving!  A new and much loved tradition. Tyler and I love our Fresno family and we love every weekend spent with them. This Thanksgiving Tyler's mom came to see us and Tyler took extra days off so we were able to spend 5 days in Fresno!

Our Thanksgiving was filled with PIE, the best pie ever! A bonfire, an outdoor movie, amazing food, crafts and wonderful time with family. Let's go back to the pie, because I'm not actually a big fan of pie. But this pie is amazing! I'm not even sure what to call it... it has a layer of cheesecake on the bottom... so cheesecake pumpkin pie. It is so good!

We went to Yosemite. I love national parks and this was more first time in Yosemite. I decided that the word Yosemite is weird and I'm not sure why we pronounce it the way we do... I kind of think is should be pronounced phonetically...

We stopped and picniced at this little country church and I learned that I have officially physically acclimated to Southern California weather... I'm such a wimp now when it comes to the cold. Sad.

We ate, we walked around, checked out the inside of the church, and this little bird put on a fashion show for some food. No joke, he perched, fluffed up his feathers and once we tossed him a morsel he was gone. He knows what he's doin.

We finished up the day stopping by this really fantastic hotel and ice skating. I can't remember the name of the hotel... good job me... but I'm 100% sure I saw it on PBS. I was "that person" who walked around and said numerous times, "I saw this on PBS" over and over again. Apparently I wanted to get my point across. Pictured below is Tyler's Mom and Uncle Dave... oh yea, and that's me in the middle...

I knew this would be your favorite picture of all. Lets just say NO ONE looks good ice skating, unless you're actually a figure skater. And look at that, two coats. What can I say, Southern California will do that to ya.

*Update: P.S. The name of the hotel was Ahwahnee. Tyler reminded me.*