When I Said "Yes"

I'm not sure I will do this story justice. Tyler seems to tell it better, because well he was the master mind behind all of it. He started planning months in advance and all of my friends and family new what was happening except me. I guess I'll start by telling you he bought my ring on my birthday... November 5th... I'm guessing the plan was in motion then. Tyler told me that he would be coming home for Christmas for a week... I thought maybe the proposal would happen then... okay I was hoping and 95% sure it would happen then. Unbeknownst to me there was a secret plan brewing on facebook... a secret group to be exact and Tyler would be returning 5 days earlier then he had told me.

Tyler flew in to Joplin on Sunday, December 18th. He had called me that day and told me he would be helping out at church and that his phone was dying so he wouldn't be able to call me until he got home. I said okay, didn't think much about it and he called me that night and we chatted. His phone being dead was him turning it off to fly home and when he called me that evening he was in Joplin. It's amazing to me that we were in the same place and I didn't even know it.

Monday, December 19th, he spent the entire day with friends and family preparing for the proposal. Good friends of ours, Matt & Ashley, were attending a church in Downtown Joplin, where they decorated the second floor windows to light up and say "Will you marry me?" Again, I had no idea this was happening... all my friends just lied straight to my face... they're such good friends. I even had lunch with my brother that day and we chatted about what we were going to do for the rest of the day. It was pretty amazing.

My friends Caitlin and Ashley has asked me to dinner on Tuesday, December 20th. I was all about going out to dinner with friends. I had called my friend Caitlin to ask if either her or Ashley were dressing up. I was pretty tired and if no one was looking nice I didn't feel the need to put in any extra effort. We were supposed to be meeting at 6:00... I think. I was already to go when someone knocked.  I answered and it was Caitlin. I didn't know she was picking me up, which wasn't very strange. Caitlin and I hung out all the time so her randomly showing up at my house was kind of normal. Caitlin and I head to Red Onion, so I thought, but on the way we took a detour for her to "show" me a possible place to take photos. Again, totally normal because Caitlin and I took photos all the time together. This however was just a ruse, Caitlin has received a text telling her to stall.

I was told we would be stopping by Matt & Ashley's church to see the new light display that Matt had been working on... again totally normal. We stopped, got out of the car and stood for a minute. I was told the lights would come on in a few minutes... I all could think about was that it was cold and I was hungering. A minute or two passed and the lights came on... WILL YOU MARRY ME? .... the tears started. I didn't see Tyler anywhere. I wasn't sure what to do. I remember asking my friends, "Am I supposed to go somewhere?" They lead me into a building behind us where Tyler and all of our friends and family were waiting. He knelt down on one knee, popped the question and I said yes. 

It had been four and a half years, it was totally worth the wait. After the proposal we headed across the street to Matt and Ashley's church were their refreshments and cookies. Everything was amazing. I always wanted a fairy tale ending... I totally got it. P.S. because I forgot to mention it before, it was December 2011.

{photos provided by friends and family}