This year Tyler and I celebrated our one year anniversary... way back in May. I had every intention of sharing with you our adventures, but for some odd reason I thought it would take me a million hours to compile this post... it didn't.

Tyler and I were super excited about our plans for our first anniversary because we traveled to South Dakota for this friends wedding. We fell in love with South Dakota and we loved celebrating with our dear friends as they tied to knot.  There is a section in Rapid City devoted to street art, an entire alley covered in graffiti, which Tyler loved.

We ventured into Keystone a tiny little town full of charm; had breakfast, stopped by the fudge factory, and picked up some souvenirs at the train depot.

From Keystone we headed toward Mt. Rushmore. The temperature was perfect, it wasn't to overcrowded, and we loved taking in all the American history.  Tyler always has his sketch book with him, just like I always have my camera with me. I'm pretty sure there is at least one sketch from every trip we have been on.

After Mr. Rushmore we drove through the Black Hills and headed to Custer State Park.  We drove along Hwy 87, which was recommend by basically everyone we ran into, for good reason of course. It was beautiful. The scenery was amazing and it was a great contrast to the concrete jungle we're used to.

Our final destination was Legion Lake Lodge, were we stayed in this tiny, lovely little cabin. Custer State Park was amazing and the Lodge was amazing. The restaurant/grocery store was next to the lake and there was a hiking trail that you could follow all the way around. 

After our experience in the Black Hills & Custer State Park all we could talk about was how we would love to spend every anniversary in a State Park. We'll see how it goes.