Good Bye Long Hair ... Hello Short Hair

Welcome to the official holiday vacation recap week! Two wonderful weeks spent in the mid-west, hanging out with friends and family, eating at some of my favorite restaurants and chopping off all my hair! It's been a ridiculous amount of years since I chopped off all my hair. I've had it cut at random times. I'll have weekends where I chop at it myself, but it has been 7 years since it has been short. I couple weeks before Tyler and I were headed home for the holidays I started contemplating having my hair cut. I usually go back and forth on the yes or not part and during that time I peruse different styles. There are lots of "yes, I totally want to do this" and then, "oh, but I really like my long hair."  In the end, the short hair won and I love it.
My stylist, Kelly, is AMAZING! For real. She was my stylist before moving away, she did my hair for our wedding, which was awesome and she cuts hair like nobodies business. I'm slightly skeptical that I'll find a stylist that I love as much as her, in Burbank. I love the way she cuts hair. She has such a great feel for style, body, and creativity. When she was finished cutting my hair I sat in the chair staring at my hair and told her in these exact words, "Kelly, you are the best hair cutter ever." If you live in Joplin and are looking for a great stylist, look Kelly up at Derma-Tech. SHE IS AMAZING!
It was totally weird to feel my hair short, but it was so fun! I'm really excited to come up with fun new hair styles. It will be a fun challenge! Thank you Kelly for being so amazing!