A Little Black Dress

We went from freezing temps over Christmas to sunny 70º. Did you see our family photo shoot? We were freezing. When we were reviewing photos we jumped in the van to stay warm. Returning to California meant returning to warmer weather.  Which, when it comes to putting together an outfit I have, for the most part, acclimated to California weather. Light layers, scarves, and boots.

I also live for dress weather. Dresses can be the most comfortable and flattering piece of clothing.  A dress with boots is my bread and butter, you can't go wrong. I'm also over the moon about this scarf I received, from Natalie, during the Great Christmas Exchange. I love the variety of textures and the possibility that it can be warn with any outfit.
And because it's my M.O. I wouldn't dare to leave you without the best part. The outtakes. The outtakes are my favorite part, because the outtakes share pieces of who we really are.
This first photo of on the left is my typical first pose. I stand there with my arms out and say... "What do I do." For real, it takes me running around like a goof ball doing weird things before I get serious. Exhibit the second picture, me doing something weird, and picture three, me making a weird face.
And then near the end of the photo shoot when I've run out of ideas I get even weirder. First picture, me attempting a "model" pose. Classy, right? Second pose, I thought it would be a good idea to pose like a boxer, because of course that would be a good picture... ? Third picture, me falling out of a pose and when I heard the shutter release, I thought perfect, that will be the one.

What is the bread and butter or your closet?
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