A Walk in Old Town Clovis

Remember this great vintage find? We picked up that vintage scale in Old Town Clovis, where we also snapped some fun style photos. Old Town Clovis is lined with antique shop after antique shop. Sidewalks filled with cobblestone, historic buildings, shop awnings, benches and outdoor eating.

This photo shoot was actually a little harder for me. Usually we're at a park or some where where we don't run into a lot of people, but this particular shoot there were plenty of people around. There was even someone who asked if we were off setting the back light.  These moments usually require an assuring word from Tyler, "you doing fine, just be yourself."
These outtakes include a picture of me looking like I'm picking my nose. Boy, am I one classy gal.
Where are your favorite places to take style photos? How do you stay focused when you feel like everyone is staring at you?
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