Saying YES to the Unknown

This past weekend marked the anniversary of leaving my day job. It's been a whole year since I have had a "regular" job. Every time I think of that it's weird. On my last day of work I stopped by Tyler's work to pick him up. I hung out there for a little because I had gotten off earlier then him. Right before we left he had me go to his computer to "check" my facebook. The image above was what I found. Best husband ever. He had characterized me into my new creative adventure. Our friend Arut helped to.

It took a lot of courage to leave my day job. It's not like I had been blogging for years and years and had a steady readership, my shop wasn't even open yet. I literally dove in head first, and prayed that I wouldn't drowned. It was my sink or swim moment. Saying yes to the unknown is tough and really scary. But, big dreams don't come without great risk. "No sacrifice, no victory."
Saying YES to the Unknown

1.) Trust Jesus: The only way I had the courage to quit my day job was trusting in Jesus. I was afraid I would fail, I was afraid I was making the wrong decision. Every "what if" statement plagued my mind. Jesus gently told me it would be okay. He kept telling me he would provide for us. I couldn't have said Yes, without knowing Jesus would take care of us. I trusted 100% that he would. I knew even if I failed he wouldn't.  

2.) There will be things you sacrifice: When Tyler and I made the decision that I would quit my job we knew we would be making sacrifices, specifically monetary. We simply wouldn't be making as much money as before and we were going to have to re-work our financial goals. We tightened up our budget, said no to certain things and left the rest in Jesus' hands. Surprise! Jesus provided in HUGE ways, we made more money last year then we did when I was working. Mind Blown.

3.) You won't have it all figured out: You have to be willing to say yes even when you don't have it all figured out. You will constantly be learning. Embrace every learning opportunity that comes your way, those are the moments that will shape your journey.

4.) Embrace failure: It's going to be hard, very very hard and you will fail. Embrace those opportunities. Remember, with every great journey comes great risk and great opportunity to fail.  Keep go, push your failures aside and learn from them. The only true failure is not trying. Don't give up, keep learning and keep educating yourself.

5.) Remember it will be journey: Don't focus on any one else's journey but your own. Remember this is your journey. Don't compare yourself to someone else's journey and don't try to make your journey look like some one else's. Embrace your unique journey.

Are you ready to say yes to the unknown? What is holding you back?
P.S. Name that movie, "No sacrifice, no victory." 

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