BBQ Is Always On My List

Who doesn't love good BBQ? Am I right? On Monday I shared my sheer joy for BBQ. Anytime we're in Joplin, I always want BBQ. Whether it's Hacketts or somewhere else, BBQ is on my list. I had eaten at Billy Sims a couple of years ago, but hadn't been there since. I was all about it when my mom suggested going after church. Great atmosphere and great food! My brother ordered this crazy amount of food and my mom and I both ordered pulled pork. Then there was the BBQ beans and loaded potato salad, best potato salad EVER!
This past weekend all Tyler and I talked about was BBQ. How much we love BBQ, how much we miss mid-west BBQ, and how we need to find a good BBQ place. Tyler mentioned that while I was gone he saw a BBQ Pit right down the road from our house. What! It's now on our list to check out.

Do you have a favorite BBQ joint? 
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