Celebrate With Us!

Today is the day! Tyler and I are celebrating our two year anniversary and we are so excited! We're celebrating from afar today and we love that. Usually Tyler is much more elegant at  putting into words the past years we've been together. I say that because I wish I had those words now. I've loved every minute of our life together. I love the laughs, the fights, and the everyday moments. This week I've decided to subject you to all things wedding related. Your welcome. I knew that secretly you wanted to see our wedding photos, right? A shout out goes to Angela J. Martin Photography! Her photography will be gracing these pages for the next couple of days. If you're in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, or Oklahoma (hello 4-states!) you should check her out! If you're anywhere else you should check her out too! She loves to travel!

Tyler and I were married at a dear friends house. They graciously let us take over their property and home the week of our wedding. I had stuff stored in the attic for months. I dropped of vintage doors and wooden spindles. They built signs, let us cut down trees, and built door frames. We were blessed by them in huge amazing ways. We were surrounded by wonderful friends and family and had an amazing time. Stick around this week for more photos of wedding style, all of our DIY details, and how our marriage was shaped once we moved away.

I love this photo of our wedding party! It's full of people who we love and who have covered us in love. They have been with us through ups and downs. We have been in their weddings and they have been in ours.

Are you ready for this wedding week?

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