Handmade with Love

The handmade details of our wedding are one of my favorite parts. We made everything, seriously everything. Tyler designed our wedding canopy and his dad built it in Tennessee, dis-assembled it and drove it to Missouri. My uncle cut down trees so that we could use the tree stumps. He also built a cupcake tower.
My friend Caitlin and I made signs. I collected mason jar after mason jar. I had friends help me paint chalk platters or signs, I'm not sure what to call them. I had friends build signs, paint signs, and bake cakes and cupcakes. Everything was handmade. I knew exactly how I wanted my wedding to be and I knew the only way to make it happen was to make everything and to ask for lots and lots of help from friends and family. We had good friends handle all the food for our BBQ reception and we even had someone allow us to borrow hay bales. It was a team effort.
Everything was prepped and ready for the week of the wedding. It just had to be set up.  We had been making things for months and months. Tyler flew in a week before the day of our wedding to help set up. One of my favorite parts was putting together our bouquets. I had ordered fresh flowers and the day before the wedding my bridesmaids and I put together our flowers. I wish I could do that more often. What are you favorite wedding details? 

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