We Trusted Jesus

(circa 2008, the start of our cliff jumping)

I was walking out of our apartment laundry room one day and had one of those moments. One of those, "wow" this is our life moments. Never in a million years did I think I would be living in Southern California with a husband as an animator and pursuing my dreams as a lifestyle blogger and handmade shop owner. We don't live a fancy life. We live in a little apartment which I truly love. It's filled with Christ and every section of it is comprised of mine and Tyler's style.

Yes we wish we could paint the walls and rip up the carpet, but we love it and we're so grateful for this life that Christ has given us. We do our best to center our lives around him, seeking him in all that we do. This life that he has given us would not be what it is now if it weren't for TRUSTING in Jesus.

I remember when Tyler was trying to decide if he wanted to go to Full Sail. It's an entertainment school and it would be the first step in him going after his animation dream. Full Sail is a private school which meant there would be lots of student loans down this animation road. We sat at a coffee shop and weighed the pros and cons. The biggest con was the student loans. I've always believed that when we step out in faith, Jesus shows up. I asked Tyler if he believed that this is where Jesus was telling him to go. He said yes. I told him the student loans didn't matter, Jesus would take care of them. I believe this was a defining step in Tyler trusting in Jesus and allowing him to prepare the road for him.

Early in our marriage because of the steps of faith we took, I now call us cliff jumpers. When you take risks you can't see the outcome. It's like jumping off a cliff, you just have to trust Jesus.

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