Style & The Equestrian District

There's this park near the LA river and the Equestrian District that Tyler and I frequent for my style shoots. We usually go on Sunday evening which is lovely because there aren't that many people there and those that are there are riding their horses or walking their dogs. Tyler and I really enjoy this particular area of town and we love to think about how it probably looked decades ago. There probably wasn't a freeway  between the mountain and the park and the LA river may not have been there either. Because really the LA river is a huge canal with little to no water in it.
The area is quiet and quaint. Two things I love and that I miss often, but Burbank is filled with little surprises like this park. You just have to find them. I had so much fun during this shoot. One thing I loved was my outfit! This is one of my favorite summer outfits. It's so comfortable, but it still makes it look like I tried. That's a win in my book.
What I love most about this park is that there are so many different areas to shoot in. I wanted a little something different for this shoot and Tyler pointed out this brick wall. I especially loved how green vines were growing on it. And then we found this fruit tree! Best thing ever! One tricky part, there were ants everywhere. And while these were tiny ants that weren't going to cause me any harm I thought there were going to take me alive.  wearing// top: The Limited // shorts: Gap // sandals: Steve Madden

What are some of your favorite summer items?

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