The River Valley

Last week Tyler and I jetted off to Tennessee! We also did a short stint in Joplin. I couldn't decide on a title for this post and I really wanted to title it "The Heartland." However, did you know when you Google the heartland region a bunch of different regions like to call themselves the heartland. Weird. The cool part was when I saw a map of the Mississippi River Valley. Perfect, we drove over the Mississippi twice last week.

We started our travels at LAX. It's not our favorite airport, but it was a direct flight to Nashville and direct flights are the best. Plus we flew American and I told Tyler I felt fancy because they had in flight entertainment. Four and a half hours later we landed and I was starving! When I get to this point of hunger I only think about food. I was a happy camper when we stopped at Corky's. What else do you eat in the South except for BBQ. I also had my first fried green tomatoes. I will forever be a mid-west girl and I will forever love the south.
During our short time in Joplin Tyler tackled a bunch of projects with his dad and sisters, which included putting up a pool, adding rock to his sister's landscaping, and assembling a handful of other project. Tyler and I also celebrated our anniversary and we totally failed at getting in pictures.
We finished up our time in Joplin celebrating this little guy's pre-school graduation. All the little people looked way more excited then I see anyone else graduate. Plus, they got cookies afterwards. Where were our cookies when we graduated college?
Our first day back in Tennessee was filled with great food and kayaking. I love kayaking. I'm crazy over the moon about it. We stopped at Marcy Jo's Mealhouse, which was thoroughly amusing. It seriously looked like it could fall over inside. BLT, no mayo, thanks.
Friday we drove to Nashville and had lunch with Tyler's grandparents. While we were there I met 'Frosty.' How cool is it that I got to hold a dove?!? I was pretty stoked! We also went to Antique Archeology. Have you seen the show American Pickers? Well, that is their store! It was really cool and full of amazing antiques! I'll be sharing more about that in a couple weeks stayed tuned!
Cupcakes. Everyone loves pictures of cupcakes, right? If not, you at least like to eat cupcakes, right?
On our last day we soaked up the sun and Tyler and his dad gave me my first crash course in scuba diving. It was so cool! Tyler has been certified in scuba diving for a long time, but I'm the odd man out. Once I got the hang of things I could understand why people love it. It really is amazing and I was just in a pool diving for pool rings. Yay, it's that cool.
We had such an amazing time and I have fallen in love with Tennessee! It's absolutely beautiful, full of history, wonderful people, and amazing food! Can't wait to go again! And when I do, I'm going to The Hermitage.

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