I waited and waited for BlogLife to be launched. I remember when AMB announced they would be releasing a new blogging course and I knew I wanted to give it a go. Tyler is always encouraging me to continue to educate myself in the craft I am passionate about and I have been wanting to take every opportunity to continue to sharpen this craft of blogging. The day that it was released Tyler came home and I told him it was available. I loved his reaction. He wouldn't let me do anything else until I made the purchase. He is my number one biggest fan and he wanted to make sure I took advantage of this opportunity.

After purchasing Bloglife, BethMeg, and I decided we would go through the course together which made going through the course extra fun. During our first Google hangout we shared our thoughts on the chapters we had been through and shared our hopes and dreams for our blogs. I love the relationship that Beth, Meg, and I have together. I love that we are able to continue to encourage each other and share ideas as we pursue this blogging adventure.


Let's be honest, it's really hard for me not to be bias in this review, because I'm a huge fan of ABM and I have been reading and following along for years. I even visited Red Velvet when it was open. Overall, I thought the e-course was great and well worth the price. I really appreciate the fact that it came in a pdf version because now I can go back and use it as a constant resource. I think they did a great job of including content that was great for both new bloggers and seasoned bloggers. The first view sections were geared toward new bloggers, however I still felt encouraged and inspired by those first view sections and I used it as an opportunity to really evaluate my blogging foundations and better shape my content, vision, and purpose. 

I was most encouraged by their personal stories. They shared stories of failure, success, and many learning experiences. Often times we read blogs, but stories of failure aren't always shared. Both Emma and Elsie were open about many of their struggles and what they learned from them. I remember reading through those sections and breathing a sigh of relief. Not even the ladies of ABM have it figured out all the time. Which, I know that no one does, but reading their stories was refreshing and gave hope to this dream seeker.

When I purchased BlogLife and skimmed through the sections I was most looking forward to learning about marketing, ad programs and campaigns. Trey does a great job of covering these sections, but I will definitely need to re-read them many times. These sections are very business oriented and they were a little tough for me to get my mind around. Trey breaks everything down so it's easy to follow, it's just a subject that I don't take to easily.

All in all, if you're thinking about taking BlogLife I think it's totally worth it. I think it's a great resource to have and I think it also serves as a great opportunity to refresh your blog and refocus if you're feeling a little lost or uninspired. Are you going through BlogLife currently? What are your thoughts?