I have really been wanting to add some cork boards to our office. Two reasons I really wanted cork boards. One, really wanted to be able to pin lots of fun mail I get from friends. I love snail mail and while I don't keep it forever I wanted a place to glance over and appreciate it. Two, I really wanted to use the cork boards in an attempt to create a mood board for Elah Tree, which I'm really pumped about.

I knew from the beginning that when I found my cork boards that I wanted to be able to customize them and I'm always looking for ways to complete fun easy projects. When it comes to cooking and projects I like quick and simple. Probably not always the best motto, but those are my favorite kinds of projects. For these custom cork boards all I needed was painters tape, paint, paint brushes, a paint pallet, and the cork boards of course.

First things first, decide what kind of design you want on your cork boards. At first I had a crazy design with tape lines every where. Whenever I do projects as I'm working I always ask Tyler his thoughts. When I showed him my crazy tape lines he suggested I go with something a little more simple and more aesthetically  pleasing. Tyler has a great eye for those kind of things and I'm always grateful when he's able to teach me and help me through projects.

We decided on a simple design using two different colors. With out design in place I started painting. I painted a turquoise blue to one section of each of my cork boards and applied multiple coats after drying. Once I was finished with the blue I added a metallic gold to the smaller section of each cork board. This project was a great project to work on while doing other things. I could paint one coat, step away from it to do something else, and then go back. Tip: Remember when painting to paint the side of the cork board to that the paint goes all the way around.

I really love how these cork boards turned out! They are so fun and they are perfect for what I had in mind for them. The hardest part was actually finding a place for them in our office without moving any other art pieces. I decided putting them right over my desk would work great. Having them right above my desk makes it easy to add items to them and I love how they have kind of become a part of my desk.

These kinds of projects really are my favorite. I love being able to take supplies I already have to create something new. For this project all I had to pick up was the cork boards, which were super cheap. What are your favorite kinds of projects? Do you think you'll give these custom cork boards a try?