I love taking photos, styling photos and making things pretty. Over time I have created a collection of photo backdrops. The most common items I use are canvases, foam boards, fabric, and bamboo. Recently, I found myself wanting to add more color and I was inspired to create a new photo backdrop.

This photo backdrop is so easy.


  • Colored form board
  • Paint of choice
  • Sponge paint dabbers
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler.


I picked out a sky blue foam board, gold metallic paint, and decided to do a polka dot backdrop.  Before you start painting determine what size polka dots you would like and then mark the board with a pencil and ruler. Tyler determined the spacing for our polka dots and marked the foam board. All of our polka dots were in an ordered pattern and equal distance apart. You can do this or you can choose a more sporadic design.

After your foam board is marked and ready, test your paint and dabbers by practicing on scrap paper. We experimented with a few different techniques for application, but found that pressing down and turning just slightly worked best. The paint brush is used to remove access paint from the dabbers before applying to the foam board. 

Once you're done testing and determining your technique, your ready to go. Use the dabbers, paint, and paint brush to add polka dots to your foam board. Once you're finished, let the polka dots dry. Be careful when applying the polka dots to not accidentally brush or smear another painted polka dot.

Once your polka dots are dry you've got a new backdrop!  I'm so excited about this new addition to my photo backdrops. It's so fun, adds tons of color and can be used for so many things!

This has been one of my favorite projects as of late. It's really simple and really fun. You color combinations are endless as well. Are you ready to create your own photo backdrop?