Sometimes supplies for projects get lost in our office closet. Case in point, some driftwood we picked up while in Cambria. We picked up a handful of different sticks that we thought might make great projects. We picked the sticks up almost a year ago. We brought them home and then they got stuck in the closet. A couple months ago we stopped at an antique shop and picked up a couple of vintage postcards. Those postcards ended up at the bottom of a drawer. I finally found some inspiration and decided on a project for those postcards and driftwood.

I've been seeing a lot of different mobiles and decided it might be pretty cool to turn the driftwood and postcards into one. We actually did two different versions of this project. The first one captured the main idea and with the second one we honed in on the details.

Supplies needed: one driftwood stick, twine or leather, fishing line, vintage postcards, painters tape or washi tape, and a hot glue gun.  To begin, secure the twine to the stick with hot glue. We did multiple wraps and glued as we went. Our stick was curved so when we attached our twine we had to make sure it came over the stick so it held it against the wall without falling forward.

Next, layout the vintage postcards so that you know how you want them to hang. We tried lots of different versions, but this one was our favorite. Flip all the cards over and attach individual fishing line to the postcards, securing with painters tape. Make sure to cut your fishing line long enough to tie it to the driftwood.

Once your fishing line is attached to all the photos lay the photos out flat and determine how far you want them hanging down from the stick. Tie each string to the stick. You're done! 

This has been a really fun addition to our art wall. I love the rustic vintage feel and I love how different it is. Are there any vintage postcard mobiles in your future?