I love to live for the impossible. Tyler and I were running errands one day and I was talking about how I love living for the impossible. When I live for the impossible it puts me in a very vulnerable position and in turn wraps me up in Jesus. I'm fully dependent on him, because there is no way I could make it happen or do it on my own.

Though I have an affinity for the impossible it is really hard sometimes. I get discouraged and sometimes doubt creeps in. That is the worst. When doubt creeps in I'm often left feeling so confused. I wonder if those impossible dreams were really what Jesus had for me and then I found myself feeling lost. Doubt is a thief of believing in the impossible. Doubt creeps in and I lose patience, "it's been so long, how do know this is it?"
I have had to learn how to stay positive in those doubtful moments. I have had to learn and seek Christ in those moments. I'm so excited to share with you today, 5 ways I stay positive when facing the impossible.

1.) Prayer: I pray often and constantly. I also ask friends to pray for me. I have a prayer journal that I write down all my prayers in. No matter what they are. Whether it's one sentence or three paragraphs I let Jesus know what's on my heart. During these prayer times I have found great clarity. In times of confusion I'm given direction and peace.

2.) Quiet Time: There are some weeks when I feel beat up and crushed by the world. It's during my quiet time with Jesus, spending time in his word that I feel refreshed. I could have a week where I feel like I'm barely holding on to my dreams and the dreams of our family and folding myself in the promises of Jesus keep me on track.

3.) Reflection: There have been many times when I have forgotten things that Jesus has made happen in my life. This is one reason why Tyler and I document all the amazing un-explainable ways that Jesus has taken care of us. When I feel lost in my dream I remember all the other ways Jesus has been preparing the way for me.

4.) Communicate: Share your dreams with your friends and family. Tell them how Jesus has worked in your life, tell them how it is hard, and ask for them to pray with you. Don't carry your dreams alone. Share them with your community. It's in times of doubt that your community can carry you through.

5.) Trust: Simply trust in Jesus, a blind, unflinching trust. It's will be hard, but sometimes that unflinching trust is the only thing that keeps your head above water. Impossible dreams are hard and risky, they are meant to be hard. Trusting Jesus is the only way for the impossible to take hold in your life.
Staying positive about impossible dreams is really hard. It's easy to passively let those dreams go and pass you by, but it's the impossible dreams that keep you wrapped up in Jesus. I don't want to live a life that takes me away from that. What impossible dreams has Jesus given you?

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