One of this summer's adventures included visiting Point Dume. I was really excited when we decided to go because It was on my list to visit this year. Point Dume is located on Malibu State beach and it's absolutely beautiful! Parking was easy which is a huge plus here. When we arrived we picked out a spot right near the base of the cliff. It's so nice visiting the beach because even though it may be hot in the valley, it's always rather cool at the ocean and the water is so cold.

We packed a cooler with food and grabbed a handful of other fun items to take with us. We lounged on the beach, ate delicious food, and had a lovely time. As we hung out on the beach some guys arrived and started setting up to climb the rock face. It was was really neat and fun to watch. We saw lots of beautiful sea life, walked along the beach, and adventured through a section of rocks to visit a more secluded area of the beach.

Exploring the section of the beach that was on the other side of the rocks was one of my favorite parts. Once we made it over there, there were only a handful of other people. There were also different rock formations to explore which were lovely.

Visiting Point Dume has been one of my favorite beaches in SoCal. It's not quite the same as Cambria, but for only being 45 minutes away it's great. I would definitely  recommend it if your looking for beaches to visit. What have been some of your favorite summer adventures?

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