Succulents have become some of my favorite houseplants. I can't wait to slowly add more and more. I think they are just lovely and I appreciate the green life they add to our home. While I have loved having my succulents I have been a little concerned how I should care for them. I'm still learning how to care for succulents and other plants in general so I have set out to learn more about the best ways to care for them. 

I started researching how to care for succulents and I found three sites that were full of great advice and tips. I gleaned tons of information from herehere, and here. I hadn't heard to much about how to care for succulents except that they were really easy to care for and they were super hard to kill. I wanted my little succulents to have more care then just, "barely making it," so learning all this amazing information has made my heart happy.


1.) Succulents need to be watered at least once a week during their growing season, which is spring and summer. In the winter months they need to be watered every other week to once a month.

2.) Rain water is better then tap water. If your using tap water, you should periodically repot your plants to reduce mineral build up. Every year is suggested to provide fresh soil and check the roots.

3.) Succulents need a specific amount of sunlight, around 6 hours of light. My little succulent actually got burnt because it had to much direct sunlight.

4.) Succulents prefer summer temps between 70º and 80º and winter temps between 50º and 60º. These are pretty perfect temps for Socal.

5.) Succulents prefer a specific potting mix. I had no idea. The most important aspect of it's soil is that it should be able to drain well. Adding sand to compost mix will help to achieve a well draining soil.

I was super pumped to learn so much about my succulents. I feel so much better about knowing how to care for them properly. My least favorite thing about plant care is possible bugs. I learned that succulents can get spider mites. Yuck! But spider mites also hate water, so overhead water or misting is a good preventive act. Good to know if you ask me. Do yo have succulents in your house? What are some of your succulent care tips?