Something that has been really fun for me and challenging at the same time is learning what I'm really passionate about. As I continue to blog and grow Jesus continues to teach and shape me. When Elah Tree began I started with fabric accessories. I started from the beginning; learning how to make different zip pouches and experimenting with different fabric combinations. 

This spring I was feeling uninspired and every time I went to make items for my shop I was feeling bogged down and zapped of energy. Creating should energize and inspire me so I began to evaluate the items I was making and I began to brainstorm different directions my shop could go.  I learned that I enjoyed sewing as a hobby and I much preferred the freedom to experiment. I knew continuing with handmade fabric accessories would not be a good fit for me.

Once I determined what wasn't working for me, I had to figure out what would work for me or at least what I wanted to give a try. I thought about lots of different items, I thought about what I liked doing, and I spent a lot of time talking with Jesus about it. After lots of deliberation I finally decided which direction the shop would go. I had found new inspiration in designing organizational worksheets.


1.) Evaluate : Determine what is working and what is not working. Ask yourself if something is holding you back. Question whether or not something you are working on would be better suited as a hobby.

2.) Research : You may not know what your passionate about right away. Do research; look at blogs you like, why do you like them? Who are your favorite instagramers? What is it about what they are doing that you enjoy. Create a mood board. You will begin to see a pattern.

3.) Pray : I would not be where I am today except for the constant guidance of Jesus. I don't even believe I would be inspired and driven without him revealing the dreams he has given me. Spend time talking with Jesus about your passions, ask him about the dreams in your heart and allow him to continue to shape those dreams.

4.) Deliberate : You've evaluated your current situation, you've researched what you may love doing, you've given it to to Jesus. Now, determine what that will all look like. Does it mean you will open a shop? Will you start crafting something with your hands? Will you take your blog to the next level? Chart out a plan of action.

5.) Act : This is the fun part and the scariest part. You've taken the time to evaluate your passions and know you need to put them to action. This is all about taking one step at a time. It's not about having it all figured it. All you need to do is act and it can be small. Do you need to buy a domain name? Do you need to open an Etsy account. Start small and dream big.

Finding your vision and passion is incredibly exciting and encouraging.  Being able to pin point your vision and passion will propel you forward. It will give you direction and it will encourage you to continue to shape it into something more. Remember that things won't happen over night and remember not to put a limit on what you are passionate about. As you grow so will your passions. Be open to those new passions that arise. It took me a long to time to reallyunderstand the things I was passionate about and it wasn't necessarily things that were tangible. I'm really passionate about encouraging others and finding was to inspire and help them in their journey. I had to figure out a way to turn that into something tangible and I trust Jesus to continue to reveal new passions to me.