Community and the lack of community has been on my heart lately and for a while now. I hadn't yet figured out how I wanted to talk about. One morning I was going through my She Reads Truth devotional and that morning's particular topic brought things full circle for me. Tyler and I have friends here and we have community, but still something was missing. These words hit home,

"When we meet together, spur each other on and encourage one another, we can better hold fast to the promise of hope and trust in God’s faithfulness." "The glue that binds us together is God’s presence in each of us." - She Reads Truth
I have missed being able to share life; my goals, dreams, hurts, struggles, triumphs, excitements and achievements with others. Others whom I'm bound with through Christ. There is something exceptionally beautiful about doing community with others when it's Christ who holds you together. There is a common understanding, things understood that aren't spoken.  A comfort, a joy, a peace, and love is comprised in Christ.
Through my experience with seeking community and gaining a better understand of community I found and have experienced community in a new way.  Through a new platform, Google Hangouts. Its seems kind of odd, but a couple months ago Beth, Meg, and I decided to start meeting monthly to catch up and chat about life and goals. Not very long after that we got to the point where we were chatting all the time via google messenger. It has been through this new community outlet that I found others in whom I could encourage and be encouraged by. Others in whom share similar goals and dreams. Others in whom I pray for and whom pray for me. We are bond together through God’s presence in each of us.
After having way to much fun during our Google Hangouts I suggested to Tyler that he and his college buddies should meet every month to do the same. I wanted Tyler to experience the same thing I did. Now Tyler and his good friends meet up once a month and share life together. Where have you found unexpected community?

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